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MAALO: lead vocals, vintage keys, flute
back. vocals: Alexandra Regenfelder, Ulrike Tropper, Rudi Wiesegger, Thomas Baumgartner
percussion & rap: Nelson Williams (CUB)
saxes: Jürgen Maier, Lisi Stiger, Wolfi Schiefer, Johann Prassl, Thomas Baumgartner
trumpets: Axel Mayer, Martin Wimmer, Christopher Rumpler, Josef Tropper
bones: Sascha Krobath, Robert Orthaber, Markus Fasching
rhythm:  Ewald Sackl - git, Rudi Wiesegger - keys, Georg Scheifinger - b, Klemens Prassl – dr

feelgood music with the most energy

Funk, Soul, Disco... but not the music from back in the old days. Since 2001, the Vienna songwriter, lead singer, keyboardist, international award-winning composer and producer Albert O. Mair aka MAALO creates fresh new material mixing European songwriting with American show elements. As announced by press: „If something of the kind would be played in our OE3-Wecker (morning mainstream radio show) the world would be better.“ Since his childhood MAALO has been interested in sophisticated soul and pop music and has learned from the arrangements of great producers and bands like Quincy Jones, Earth, Wind & Fire, Al Jarreau or George Michael.

Founded in the early 1980’s, the Big Band Bad Gleichenberg has been playing together for more than three decades – full of jazz and big band music. Especially during the last couple of years, the band worked together with some of the most outstanding musicians of the international jazz scene like Bob Mintzer, Peter Herbolzheimer, Barbara Dennerlein, Don Menza, Luis Bonilla and John Riley. With its new project, together with MAALO, the band now breaks out in a new musical direction. Presenting a line-up up of 20 musicians on stage – supported by vocalist Alexandra Regenfelder and the cuban percussionist and rapper Nelson Williams – the band will showcase songs from his last two recordings „soul stories“ and „funk fellows“.

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