you tube comments on recorder solo

I normaly don't like blockflöte very much but this is awsome
(Joachim Flüeler, switzerland, 8/06 )

NICE!! I'm a keen recorder player myself and love modern recorder techniques. I love the use of flutter tounguing here. Keep up the good work! (youtube, mark, 9/06)

hahaha, now that's the way to play a recorder (Ed Lothmak, Puerto Rico, 5/07)

dat's da stuff, baby. i rock on the recorder, but this dude puts me to shame (Filmy Residue, USA, 4/07)

cocaine is a hell of a drug lmao. this dude is bad ass. im impressed, inspired, and intimidated by that shit. im off to practice (Christopher Howard, 4/07)

u r really such a good musician! why don't you play other instrument? I mean a good one (DaAceGang, 3/07)

WHO IS THIS GUY??? hes got the feeeeeel!!! (bobobomo, egypt, 3/07)

Cool, this man is really good with recorder, I wish i could play it like him... (oktavioner, mexico, 12/06)

Very very cool - loved it.
(divaleighous, Leigh, Christchurch,New Zealand, 12/07)

(Jude1812, GB, 9/07)

Show Hide Marked as spam 0 Reply Recorder is a incredible instrument.
This video shows that it isn't a limited instrument. Nice performance. (AveCezar, GB, 10/07)

Show Hide Marked as spam 0 Reply Are you sure that he is really playing?
I happen to play it till this day, but if that is real, then...DAMN! (reysamanda, GB, 10/07)

Show Hide Marked as spam +1 Reply Maybe I'm goofy, but I reallly liked it!!! REally....
(ikie12pts, GB, 12/07)

awsome Ang your husband is quite talented I am very impressed it was neat seeing a recorder not be used for mary had a little lamb
(midwaygreen, CAN, 12/07)